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Here you will find all the grow information you need to start growing using hydroponics, organics or aquaponics.

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What exactly is hydroponics and how does it work?

Hydroponics is the intentional act of growing plants without soil. Nutrients, instead of being soaked up from soil, are administered through a nutrient-rich solution that provides the exact minerals the plants require. This allows the plant to...

Introduction of Light

The most important factor in any indoor growing environment is, you guessed it, light. It is therefore the largest limiting factor in any indoor growing environment. The technology for lighting has improved vastly over the years and is continuing to evolve with new and...


Although any inert growing medium could be used for a hydroponic setup, there are a few that are highly used in the hydroponic community because of their ability to retain moisture and oxygen. Or it will at least allow the water to get to the plants, such as clay aggregates,...


A very important part of the growing process, nutrients are essentially the food for the plant. The pH level is how acidic or alkaline your solution or soil is. The pH level is probably the more important of the two, because if the pH level is too low or too high, then the...

Modern Plant Nutrition

Over the years, plant science has developed into a much broader science, with much more than the bare essentials being researched. Research has gone into plant hormones, fulvic and amino acids, and root zone health. This research is getting to the “root” of what...

There are many types of hydroponic systems and here we will cover the basics with the most popular being the Ebb and Flow, Drip Systems, NFT and Aeroponics.

Ebb and Flow

An ebb and flow system is a hydroponic system that utilizes a pump and gravity to push the nutrient solution up to the...

What Needs Controlling?

The environment is an important factor in the growth of plants and optimal results will be obtained by keeping the environment at the specific plant’s desired temperature and humidity. Although temperature and humidity are important, some of the biggest problems come...

Here is a great video of the all new AC/DE (Air-Cooled Double-Ended) reflector from Sunlight Supply. Double ended bulbs are the next best thing in horticulture lighting and the tests don't lie. Watch the video to see for yourself how well the AC/DE 1000w performs.

Here is a quick video on how to put together the all new Sun Hut Big Easy 3x3 grow tent. For gardeners looking to give their plants their own room and be able to control the climate precisely, look no further than a grow tent from Sun Hut.