Growing Media & Potting Soil

growing media and potting soil

Grow Giant has one of the largest selections of growing media and organic soils in all of Florida. Whether you prefer coco coir, peat moss, organics or rockwool for hydroponics, we have it all. Many of the brands we carry offer premixed soils that include everything you need right out of the bag and all you have to do is water. Top brands we stock include Grodan, Mother Earth, Fox Farm, Roots Organics, Vermicrop Organics, Botanicare Organicare, Mother Earth, Wiggle Worm, Bcuzz Mixx Hydromix, Sunshine Advanced Mix, Pro-Mix and more!

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Wiggle Worm Soil Builder Earth Worm Castings 30 lb
Wiggle Worm Soil Builder™ Earthworm Castings Organic Fertilizer is an all purpose natural fertilizer..