Privacy Policy

To sum it all up and save you time, does not give away or sell any of our user’s personal information. From day one, we have been 100% honest and fair to our customers to protect them and their purchases.

Use of Private Information on

In the modern day of technology, we know how important it is to respect and keep your private information exactly what it is, private and confidential. Any information we collect from our users is only used to process orders or send information about our monthly deals and news. Never will we sell, rent, share or give out your personal information to third parties or any companies without your strict authorization for us to do so.

Website Security

The security of your confidential and personal information is extremely important to us and one of the reasons we encrypt that information using secure sockets layer technology (SSL Technology). You may notice the “https” instead of the traditional “http” while browsing or checking out, and this is the SSL working properly to protect your information. While no electronic transaction over the internet is 100% secure, we have taken every step possible to ensure your data is safe with us. Even though we cannot guarantee 100% absolute security since that is impossible on the web, our commercial grade applications and software is here to protect you. If for any means you have questions about the security of our website, or think you may have stumbled across a hiccup, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification.

Credit Card Information Security

To keep you safe, we use the leading provider of secure online transactions, and their astounding services. They are able to store your credit card information and keep it safe with their professional security team, that way we do not have to keep your information. This method alone reduces any risk of theft from our servers, and is only stored on their servers in case a refund needs to be issued. 


Cookies are very important for websites and the way data is displayed quickly and efficiently. Website cookies are a type of cookie that store certain information about a user pertaining to things like what’s in their shopping cart, or to allow certain features like coupon codes to work properly after browsing the site for an hour. While most browsers accept cookies automatically, they will also allow you to disable them, but we suggest not to. They are in place to improve your browsing experience and make you a satisfied and returning customer! If for any reason you prefer to not order through the website, simply call us at 888-224-3389 to place an order over the phone.

Browsing Behavior and Tracking

A very powerful tracking tool we use is Google Analytics, which stores anonymous usage statistics. This helps us track pages that were viewed, how our visitors found us and eventually what led them to checkout from our store. In the end, it improves our store and helps us continue to provide the best prices with the largest selection around the globe. Again, this all anonymous, so we won’t know that you searched for “grow lights” but we will see that someone searched for “grow lights” when we look at our keywords searched report.

Questions, Comments or Concerns

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions about our Privacy Policy here at Grow Giant.